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04/20/2018 Friday

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Ajax 101: RSS Weather Forecaster
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Forecaster - Traveling the U.S.

A great way to get the full cultural experience of traveling is to hit the road and cover as much terrain as possible. Within the U.S., it is possible to experience the full range of climates, which can often make planning difficult in terms of preparing for different kinds of weather. For example, let's say you start your trip in New York City with the plan of crossing the country and finishing in San Francisco.

Depending upon the time of year, you will experience quite a variety of different weather. If your trip cuts deep into the south, you'll come to understand why Atlanta is affectionately known as Hotlanta. Cruising west, you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for tornadoes as you pass through Oklahoma City.

If you thought Atlanta was hot, your stop off in Phoenix will quickly let you know why they call it the Valley of the Sun. Traveling northward to get a break from the heat, a stop off in Denver at the foot of the Rockies is sure to energize you for the final push toward California.

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