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About Sherman Visual Lab
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    Sherman Visual Lab
    Sunnyvale, CA, USA

    Email: swang(at)shermanlab(dot)com

About Us

The owner, the web master and the principal consultant of Sherman Visual Lab is Dr. Sherman (Xing Min, or Xing-min) Wang (汪醒民). Actually, this is his personal website to share his thoughts and works on science, art, and education. The online services or resources available here are contributed as his payback to the society.

Sherman has a PhD in Theoretical Physics from University of Delaware. He has published 14 research papers on Particle and Fields in various, refereed journals.

Sherman has 9-years teaching experience with 5 years in the U.S., at Muskingum College, OH and 4 years in China, at Hangzhou University, Hangzhou (now a part of Zhejiang University). He has taught physics at all college levels as well as some mathematics. His favorite course to teach was Quantum Mechanics.

Besides, Sherman has over 14 years experience in developing multi-tier enterprise Web applications, using Java/J2EE (Applets/Servlets, Swing, JSP, EJB, JMS), HTML/JavaScript, CGI/Perl and Oracle Database while working for Lockheed Martin, SAP Labs, Jamctracker, Fujitsu Labs of America (as contractor), CrossTest (as contractor), BlueCoat (as contractor), Verity and Autonomy. He has also used Java2D and PHP with MySQL Database to control the look-and-feel and create dynamical graphic data presentation for this web site. From 2002 to 2011, Sherman had been concentrated on GUI using Java Swing for various companies.

Since 2007, Sherman has being working on Information Retrieval (IR) and Mathematical Physics in his spare time (see Xing Wang's articles on arXiv). Recently, he worked as a research scientist at to work on IR-related research projects (2011-2013).

Sherman is also a self-trained artist, having the ability to visualize and describe physical or business processes with artistic imaginations.

Because Sherman has the unique combination of various experiences and skills, he is excellent at developing software for GUI, visual data presentation and physical process simulation. Here are some samples for science education:

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