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04/20/2018 Friday

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Welcom to Sherman Physics Lab
Note: To see these simulations using Swing/Java2D, you must use a PC and install:
JRE (or JVM plug-in) 1.4.0 or up from Oracle

Otherwise, please go to demos for PC with older JRE on this page

Interactive Physics Demo (for PC only)
  1. Classical Mechanics
  2. Optics
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Demos using JDK 1.02 or 1.1
  5. Demos using VRML 2.0

1. Classical Mechanics
Catenary Curve:
The Curve of Power Lines

View how the curve and the data are responding to the changes of the cable length, the distance between its two ends and the weight per unit length.

Oscillations of Two Carts
With Three Springs

View how the coupled harmonic oscillation of the two carts are responding to the changes of the Hook constants of the springs, their initial positions and the frictional constant.

Angular Momentum:
The Motion of The Earth

View both the spinning and circular motions of the Earth and understand how they bring days, nights and the four seasons to our Earth.

2. Optics
    Thin Lens and The Thin Lens Equation

    View the image of an object is responding to the changes of its distance to the lens, its height and the type of lens (converging or diverging).

3. Thermodynamics

4. Demo in JDK 1.02 or JDK 1.1 (for PC only)
View Physics Demos in JDK 1.02 or JDK 1.1

Demo Examples

Build Your Own Satellite

I wrote the code of the Java Applet in 1997-98 as a gift from Lockheed Martin to The Tech Museum (San Jose) .

Amazingly, although it was created more than 15 years ago and used JDK 1.02, it is still alive and is still fully functioning today without any code change!

5. Demo in VRML(for PC only)

View Physics Demos in VRML (made in 1997-98)

Note: To see demos in VRML, you must use a PC and install VRML plug-in, like: Cosmo Player from NIST

General Relativity and Cosmology


Airplane Moving

Mathematics, Physics, and Informaton Retrieval

1: Dirac Notation, Fock Space and Riemann Metric Tensor in IR Models
2: Probability Bracket Notation, Probability Vectors, Markov Chains and Stochestic Processes
3: Induced Hilbert Space, Markov Chain, Diffusion Map and Fock Space in Thermophysics
4: Probability Bracket Notation: Probability Space, Conditional Expectation and Introductory Martingales
5: From Dirac Notation to Probability Bracket Notation: Time Evolution and Path Integral under Wick Rotations

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